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[ spɛkk-eo ]
Free mint, 0% royalties.
Specchio’s sole focus will be on mental health awareness in the web3/NFT space. We will create the strongest community in the space by creating a safe, open environment where people can share issues they are struggling with, be directed to more professional help if needed, and also reflect on the more positive and lighter side of life.
We believe creating something personal to the NFT owner creates value. After all, most people choose to buy a certain PFP because they relate to something in the image - perhaps a certain trait or personal characteristic, a desire, or even just something cool. Either way, it somehow reflects their personality. It was therefore our desire and mission to take this to a much deeper level and create a way to reflect oneself in a NFT form and add meaning to the image.
What is reflected in our collection covers a vast array of entities. Some reflect, fun, light, quizzical items, while others can be more serious, meaningful or even sinister. Life, after all, is not always roses and butterflies!
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