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About The Project

NFT project on the Solana Blockchain.
As we are stripping back emotions to such a raw form, we believe simple pixel art is the best way to convey these ideas. This allows us to concentrate on what the message of the NFT is, rather than trying to squeeze as much detail as possible into such a small space. We convey our message using the following elements:
(i) Landscapes
We need to set the scene for soul searching. We wanted to strip away the noise so your NFT-self can find what is being reflected. The backgrounds of your NFT images are therefore remote landscapes where the monolith resides.
(ii) Mirror-Monolith
What kind of device or medium would be able to show you what is reflected in your soul? Something not of this earth? Something unexplainable for sure. Inspired by Stanly Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” a kind of reflective mirror-monolith adds the mystery and provides the vessel to show you and the world what is inside you. Even we do not know where it came from and how it ended up in your NFT! All we know is: it works.
(iii) Rarities
No NFT project is complete without rarities! As well as variations in the main aspects of the images, rarities are also added in the form of additional layers such as outfits for your NFT-self, pets and more. Keep an eye out for a few little gems and maybe an easter egg or two that are lurking in the images!
(iv) Reflections
The crux of it. Reflected images cover a wide range of topics, good and bad. The “darker” images reflect some kind of mental health issue, or a topic that is of great importance to the owner. There are too many topics covered to list here, but things like: Abortion, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Suicide, Feminism, Racism, School Shootings are to name a few. Such images are designed to be hard hitting. Hold a darker image to raise awareness on that topic, show you are struggling with that topic, or sympathise with that topic. Whatever your connection, you are saying it is ok to talk about it.
The “lighter” images reflect positivity and can be interests, desires, philosophical or just something cool! We have Apes, Delorians and Light Sabres, as well as topics like Health, Travel, Time and Environment.
All images will link to our Discord Server and have their own specific channel.
In our discord, our community will find a safe place to be able to discuss issues around the relevant topics. Everyone will find someone to talk to, whether that being to ask for help or advice, or to offer it. We will share experiences and support one another. We will share beneficial articles and links that are relevant to each reflection in the corresponding discord category. There will also be a team of “Advisors” made up of professionals from organisations specialising in each specific category. Advisors will be available to be spoken to openly or privately, and can offer direction if further help is required. This is where the true community will lie, and the NFTs are merely a by-product…a common interest to bring us all together.
We the creators should not profit from raising awareness around mental health. The mint will therefore be free, and there will be 0% royalties taken by the team for secondary Specchio sales. The collection will never be listed on any marketplace that does not offer 0% royalties.
No NFT project is complete without rarities. Keep an eye out for a few little gems and maybe an easter egg or two that are lurking in the images!
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